Trinity Point to Point Wireless Ethernet Bridges

Trinity is our series of point-to-point (P2P) wireless radio links, they are all 100% transparent Ethernet bridges and can be used as a direct Ethernet cable replacement. All Trinity links are sold in pairs and delivered to you pre-configured and ready to use out of the box.High-end point-to-point wireless radio links for >10km and up to 190MBps* aggregated throughput.

MIMO based radio

A surge protected 2×2 MIMO based radio enables us to deliver high throughput combined with high reliability

TDD based software

Trinity-300 Series uses TDD technology to emulate full duplex links over a half duplex communication link. The radio link operates symmetric or asymmetric and optimizes the link for low latency. The proprietary TDD-based protocol greatly reduces the impact of long distances compared with other technologies.
By using TDD based technology we enhance and strengthen the link against interference

Free Cloud based Management System

Connetct to Repeatit Cloud Network and start monitor your Trinity links in a professional way. All for free!

* Achieved throughput depends on distance, the surrounding environment (buildings/trees) and the amount of other radio energy/noise in the air.

MODELLI:   Trinity-116M   Trinity-323TDD   Trinity-316TDD   Trinity-300TDD